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Laughter Yoga is a simple yet profound technique based on the philosophy of "acting happiness." It is physically-oriented and does not rely on the left brain thinking mind at all, and uses playful laughter exercises to assist us in self induced laughter. As a result you don’t need to be happy, have a sense of humor, or even have a reason to laugh. When done in a group with eye contact and movement, the laughter is contagious and becomes more genuine. Laughter is a tremendously efficient way to release tension in a positive way, and is proven to relieve stress and much more. Laughter Clubs are non-political, non-religious, non-exploitative, non-competitive, non- perfectionistic, non-threatening- everybody is welcome, and it’s FREE !!!!!

Check out our calendar or our listing of laughter clubs for local laughter club meeting times and locations! Or we can come to your group or place of business for a custom designed laughter program!


Laughter Yoga follows a series of simple, yet structured laughter and Yoga-based breathing techniques, that include deep breathing, simple stretching, laughter exercises, and ends with deep relaxation. Laughter exercises are varied and hilarious physical exercises done without jokes or comedy, which gradually become authentic and spontaneous. Laughter is a tremendously efficient way to unwind from the negative effects of stress (lowering cortisol levels); it has been medically proven to enhance immune system function; it releases feel good hormones called endorphins (similar to the runner's high); it dumps depression and anxiety (boosts seratonin levels); it helps control high blood pressure, increases oxygenation to all the cells and tissues (and most importantly to the brain), and it produces a sense of well-being and focus. Scientific evidence is proving the old adage "Laughter is indeed the best medicine."


Laughter Yoga is a worldwide grass-roots movement for peace counting over 8000 laughter clubs to date, with more than 800,000 known members on 5 continents. There are more than 10 clubs in the Denver Metro area, and it is highly contagious and spreading good will and joy one laugh at a time! Find a club in an area near you, or contact a laughter leader to start one, or take our 2 day training and become a laughter leader to spread the joy to yourself and others! We are also available to speak about Laughter Yoga, or do presentations for your group or business. Contact us at Denver Laughs for more information Email Meredee or call 720-472-9722 .