Laughter and Happiness Church Service at First Unitarian Print E-mail

"Can we still laugh?"
In troubled times is laughter and joy still possible? This experiential service  explored laughter and joy as a path to good health, inner peace and world peace. Presented by Meredith and David Vaughn, Robin Reed, Becky Hammond and Diana Copsey, music (ditties) by Harryl Hollingsworth. This was a special presentation, not the regular laughter club venue, but lots of fun! It was held on Sunday, June 24th  at First Unitarian Church and nearly 100 people  attended and really got into it! 

 YOU CAN HEAR A RECORDING OF THE SERVICE BY GOING TO and clicking on the Podcast link to the left, then select the service near the bottom of the list "Can We Still Laugh?" and play any of the segments of the service. (Note microphone doesn't record the audience laughter very well  !!!!)    ENJOY! 

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